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Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society Show Report.




By the time most people read this report, the 2016 Championship Show will be in the advanced stage of planning and schedules will be in the post, this year’s event will be held on Saturday 22nd October.


The 24th October 2015 saw Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society hold its 2nd show at the impressive venue of the Borderway Mart Exhibition Centre, Carlisle.


Everyone at the Club and exhibitors would like to say a big thankyou to all the team at Harrison & Hetherington for making us all welcome and being very helpful over the period of setting up and the actual Show day. Special thanks go to David Pritchard, Carolyn Charlton and Amy for meeting all the needs of the Club and exhibitors.


The show committee were more than happy with the fantastic entry of 1591 (plus late entries) which was up from 1527 entries in 2014. With this level of support from the fancy it was again imperative that the club delivered an event that was better than the maiden show that was held at the same venue twelve months earlier.


Another big thanks to the clubs sponsors, Sean Morrow and his team at Premier Penning for a first class job in staging our event. All pens were erected by mid-day and the layout was further enhanced by the inclusion of the three display aviaries. Hopefully with a bigger entry for 2016 Sean and his team can try and break their own record!!!


Without the support of the exhibitors with entries, this show would not happen. Thanks to all that entered and hopefully your support will continue. Also thank you to  the judges for giving up their time and providing their knowledge, without these people these events could not function. All the judges were given a brief insight on what their judging appointment consisted of and the Clubs expectations. 


The Club would like to show its appreciation to the Breed Clubs that have supported this event in the form of a Regional Show these were; The United Fancy Homer Club, The Fantail Club, The Scottish Tumbler Club, The Limerick Tumbler Club and the British Old Dutch Capuchine Club. Also big thanks to the Anglo Iberian Cropper & Marchenero Cropper Club, which held its club show in conjunction with our event, and also the Voorburg Cropper Club.


Sponsorship was again on offer at the 2015 is in the form of prizes from many pigeon related firms; again this would not be possible without these kind gestures from; Premier Penning, Carrs (UK) Ltd, Orego-Stim, Osmond’s Ltd, Harkers Ltd, Aviform Ltd and Millbry Hill. Junior classes were kindly sponsored by Michael Goodenough.


Section Winners were again sponsored by Nick and Louise South who kindly donated a voucher for a Bag of Pigeon Feed from wonderful range of feed mixes. Nick and Louise run L.E South Pigeon Products from Drax, North Yorkshire, and a big thank you from all involved with Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society.

Each section winner also received a cut glass tumbler with an engraved image of a breed from their respective sections; these tumblers were donated by the Club.


A big thanks to David Scott, who filled a display aviary with various colours of American Show Racers, also Billy Telford and John Gregg who filled the remaining with teams of Blue Voorburg Croppers and White African Owls, respectively and the visual impact that these breeds created.


A big thank you also goes to the private sponsorship received from Michael Purdam, David Wilson.


A £50.00 special given to the Best in Show winner by Mr Bill Carney and Mark Rudd

Also the Club would like to thank our “sister” club Newcastle Columbarian Society for loaning the Club, their painted pigeons, many thanks!


The pigeons that won their respective sections were as follows: Structure – I.Sharples, Egremont with an Indian Fantail. Tumbler – S. Morrow, Leamside with a Muffed Tumbler. Form – Mr & Mrs Graves, Cambridgeshire with a Lahore. Wattle/Head – J. & E. Ottley, Kent with a German Beauty Homer. Short Face – J.V & S.J Gregg, Cleator with an Oriental Frill. Blower – S.Morrison, Grangemouth with a Horseman Pouter. Colour/Toy – D. Ison, Lockerbie with a Thüringen Shield. RVPC – B.Telford, Egremont with a Kormorner Tumbler. Owl/ Any Other Variety – Ashleigh Emerson, Warwickshire with an Old German Owl. Trumpeter. P. Bewick, Sunderland with a German Beak Crested Trumpeter. Juvenile – M.Wilson, Lincolnshire with a Show Racer and Flyer – J.A Davies, Barrow-in-Furness with a Show Roller.


The Best in Show panel consisted of five judges. The services to perform this task was ably undertaken by Mr Paul Allen, Cambridgeshire, Mike Auger, Newmarket, David Bramley, Richard Greenwood, both Derbyshire and Scott Sharp, Scotland, big thanks gentleman for a very professional job.


The winner of the Best in Show award went to the Dun Laced Oriental Frill, belonging to John & Steven Gregg. From the 60 points on offer from the panel judges this pigeon gained 57 and was awarded “Show Champion” for 2015.

Reserve Best in Show went to Ian Sharples with a White Indian Fantail Hen. Second Reserve, for the second year running was Phil Bewick with a Blue Grizzle German Beak Crested Trumpeter and Best Young Bird was the Black Kormorner belonging to Billy Telford. Congratulations to all the section winners and the main award winner’s as well, the exhibits were a credit to you all.


Hopefully with the success of the 2015 Show this can be built on and with the continued support from exhibitors with entries, this event can be made into an even better show this year. I certainly know that’s what the Egremont Show Committee will be endeavouring and to make the 2016 event even more of a success.



I would like to finish by thanking all of the Egremont Show Committee for being a great help not only on the day but also on the Friday for the setting up period, these were Andrew Stables, John & Steven Gregg, Billy Telford, Ian Sharples, John Barnes, Donald Maudling, Barry Kegg, Wayne & McCauley Park, John Ottley and Matt Cooper.

Also a special mention to all the Section Managers who ensured that all the relevant exhibits were involved with each section award, checking the whole process was fair and transparent, thanks for your involvement. Again Brian Turner from Barrow who took photos on behalf of the Club and has done this for a number of years, Thanks Brian!

Finally a big thanks to my assistant Secretary Fiona Telford, Helen Seed, Evan Murray and Evelyn Gregg for completing all the necessary paperwork, and all the Committee, Judges & Exhibitors who stayed behind to give a help with taking the Show down, you are a credit to our hobby!



Mark Rudd on behalf of Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society.

Main Trophy Winners 2015





Albright & Wilson Trophy.

Best In Show.

J. V. & S. J. Gregg

G.E Steele Trophy.

First Reserve Best In Show.

I. Sharples

Egremont Town Council Trophy.

Second Reserve Best in Show.

P. Bewick.

Egremont Fur & Feather Trophy.

Best Fancy Pigeon.


J. V. & S. J. Gregg.

Allan Travers Trophy.

Best Young Bird In Show

B. Telford.

Egremont Fur & Feather Trophy

Best Flyer Overall

J. Davies.

Section Winners


Awarded to.



I. Sharples.

Indian Fantail.


S. Morrow.

Muffed Tumbler.


Mr & Mrs Graves



J Ottley.

German Beauty Homer.

Short Face.

J.V & S.J. Gregg.

Oriental Frill.


S. Morrison.



D. F. Ison.

Thuringer Shield.


B. Telford.


Owl & Any Other Variety.

A. Emerson.

Old German Owl.



German B.C. Trumpeter.


M. Wilson.

Show Racer.


J. Davies

Show Roller.

Trophy Winners 2015




M.W Adair Trophy.

Best Fantail.

 J Mercer

Mossbay Metals Trophy.

Best Opp. Age Fantail.

J Mercer

Eddie Swan Memorial Trop.

Best White Fantail.

I Jackson

Chinese Owl Trophy.

Best Chinese Owl.

K & G Robson

Chinese Owl Trophy

Best Young Chinese Owl

K & G Robson

Harold Williamson Trophy.

Best Jacobin.

J Peat & Son

Maudling & Walton Trophy

Best Indian Fantail.

I Sharples

Stubbs & Son Trophy.

Best Opp.Age Indian Fantail.

I Sharples

Phil & Ivan Trophy.

Best Capuchine.

L Fryer

Robert Bennion Trophy.

Best Muffed Tumbler.

S Morrow

Nun Club Trophy.

Best Nun.

J R Sharpe

Mookee Club Trophy.

Best Mookee.

W Telford

N & I Black Trophy.

Best Modena.

J R Herron

McBain Trophy.

Best Show Homer.

D E & S Bramley

Homer Club Trophy.

Best Homer.

J E Ottley

T.Atkinson Trophy.

Best Short Face.

J V & S J Gregg

Calmac Trophy.

Best Norwich Cropper.

A Waldron

W & FP Telford Trophy.

Best Voorburg Cropper.

W Telford

Robert Keay Trophy.

Best Horseman.

S Morrison

National Horseman Trophy.

Best Op.Sex Horseman.

S Morrison

H.Leigh Trophy.

Best Young Archangel.

T Lunt

D.F.Ison Trophy.

Best Colour Pigeon.

D F Ison

Mr & Mrs Winter Shield.

Best Rare Variety.


Bruno’s Restaurant Trophy.

Best Any Other Variety.


Trumpeter Salver.

Best Trumpeter.

P Bewick

Middleton Trophy.

Best Juvenile

Maxwell Wilson

Furness Trophy.

Best Roller.

J Davies

West Cumbria Trophy.

Best Op. Age Roller.

J Davies

G.Drysdale Memorial Trophy.

Best Tortoiseshell Roller.

J Davies

Allan Delves Trophy.

Best Red & White Roller.

J Davies

Larch House Trophy.

Best Blue, Black & White

A J Muir

James Lewis  Dodgson Trop.

Best Self Roller.

J Davies

G.Watts Trophy.

  Best Barred Roller.

J Davies

Less Carr Shield.

Best Bronze & White.

A J Muir

Dave Backhouse Mem. Trop.

Best A.O.C Roller

T R Watts

Egremont Fanciers Trophy.

Best Competition Roller.

D Muir

NRC Des Murphy Trophy.

Best Op Sex Comp.Roller.

H Lornie

NRC Ken Cole Trophy.

  Best Op. Age Comp Roller.

I Gilbert

Sellafield Trophy.

Best West.

McGarvey & Gardiner

Lee & Thomson Trophy.

Best Young West.

 M Donoghue

R.R Taylor Mem. Shield.

Best AOC West.

M Donoghue

Ace Aviaries Trophy.

Best Tippler.

K & G Robson

Mike Purdam Trophy.

Best Show Racer.

J Barnes

Mr/Mrs Garner & Daug. Trop.

Best Op.Sex Show Racer.

J Barnes

Spedding Trophy.

Best Young Show Racer.

J Barnes

J.Philip (Portsoy) Memorial Trophy.

Best Chinese Owl, Oriental Frill or Tippler.

J V & S J Gregg